Crepes Nutella

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Crepes Nutella
Crepes Nutella

Crepes Nutella
I didn't want to buy another crepe mix (they're so expensive!) so I was eager to try tjis recipe. Yummy! Easy and quick plus, can your really go wrong with Nutella? I also rolled yogurt and blueberries in them and that was delicious as well.

Ingredients of Crepes Nutella
1 cup milk
1/4 cup water
2 eggs
1 cup flour
1 pinch of salt
3 TBS butter melted
1 extra butter for brushing the skillet in between

Preparation of Crepes Nutella
In a bowl, whisk the first 5 ingredients until smooth. Add the melted butter. If adding flavorings, add it now as well. Let it rest in the fridge while you clean up and get the skillet ready. Use a small 8 inch skillet to do crepes.

Heat skillet on medium heat initially... lower the heat as you continue to cook crepes so that they won't burn or over brown on you.

Using a pastry brush, dip into melted butter, and lightly brush the heated pan. Add about 1/4 cup crepe batter(you may need to adjust this amount if you are using a larger skillet).

I usually like to place my batter in a liquid measuring cup, so that I can pour the batter in the skillet. You can, likewise, use a ladle. Swirl the pan immediately so that the batter fills the pan and forms a nice circle. If you notice that the first crepe is too thick, add about 2 TBS or so of milk /water to all the crepe batter to thin it out a bit. Cook the next crepe. Let the crepe cook about 1 minute or so. You will notice that the top will look and feel dry.

Flip over and cook for an additional 30 seconds.

Cook the remainder of the batter. You may need to whisk the batter every so often before pouring it in the skillet.

You may want to brush the skillet lightly with melted butter every so often. Fill with favorite filling.