Nautico's Lobster Bisque

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Nautico's Lobster Bisque

Nautico's Lobster Bisque was a very challenging recipie to follow with expensive ingredients. Will shelf this for good.

Ingredients of Nautico's Lobster Bisque
2 each Maine lobster (1.25#+)
1/4 cup Mirepoix
1 pound Sweet butter
1/2 pint Cognac
2/3 cup Chardonnay
1 cup Heavy cream
1 each Bay leaf
1 pinch Thyme
3 ounces White rice
1 ounce Tomato paste
4 each Parsley stems
48 ounces Fish stock

Method of Nautico's Lobster Bisque
1) Place lobsters in an empty pot over unheated burner. Boil enough water in separate pot(s) to cover them. Pour boiling water over lobsters and allow to stand for 2 mins. Remove lobsters to cutting board. Detach claws and place back into hot water for an additional 5 mins.
2) Remove meat from shells and reserve.
3) Using a tablespoon, scrape out and dispose of the tomalley and "guts." Use hammer to break up shells and reserve.
4) Prepare fish stock, using Knorr's fish bouillion cubes (inexpensive and adequate).
5) Prepare modified mirepoix (2 ozs carrots, 2 ozs onions, finely chopped) in a small pot with 3 tbls sweet butter over medium heat until soft. Add parsley, thyme, and tomato paste and stir for another minute.
6) Simmer rice for 30 mins until soft. Place in a blender with one pint of the fish stock and puree. Pour back into the stock and stir. (This is the classic method of thickening.)
7) Pour mirepoix mixture into the stock pot. Add the lobster shells and the wine.
8) Burn the Cognac. Heat over medium flame, light,, and pour into stock pot when blue flames appear close to going out.
9) Heat heavy cream in a small pot.
10) Simmer stock pot contents for 15 mins.
11) Place remaining butter in a large saute pan and melt. Add reserved lobster, ensuring it's covered by the butter, and poach for 3 mins over medium heat.
11) Using large strainer, strain stock pot contents into a second large pot. Add poached lobster meat.
12) Just before serving, pour cream into second pot and simmer for 5 mins.